What About Plus-Size MALE Models? Fashion Finally Fills the Gap

While plus-sized women have been making a name for themselves in the modelling world, a gap in the market has remained for plus-size men.

Fortunately, plus-size men are becoming more in-demand as customers urge retailers to better represent the everyday man and woman in their marketing.

In fact, modelling agencies are starting to report a rise in interest for their plus-size stars as brands like ASOS and BoohooMAN begin to cater to a larger demographic.

The male plus-size market has only been around for 3 years, while the women’s market has been around for 30. Despite that, agencies say demand is around 50/50.

What Makes a Man Plus-Size?

Sizing for plus-size can differ from brand to brand. Generally, chest measurements need to be around 45 inches and above.

Agencies are looking for men who are bigger and taller generally but still reflect a healthy lifestyle. That means being in proportion – no six-pack necessary.

Do Men Feel Self-Conscious Like Women?

It’s often spoken about that women are fed unachievable beauty standards that can affect their mental wellbeing. However, what is less discussed is how men are also prone to feeling self-conscious due to how the media portrays their beauty “ideals”.

Men are often shown unattainable bodies in the press and this can have a demoralising effect. In fact, men say they too struggle with feelings of misrepresentation and suffer the same insecurities that women do.

How to Become a Plus-Size Male Model

Plus-size male models find work the same way as other models. While a lucky few are scouted, most find an agency to represent them by applying and attending auditions.

There are agencies that work specifically with plus-sized models which can be found online.