Fit Modelling Agencies

Fit modelling caters for the production side of the modelling industry. The manufacturing process is crucial to a top fashion designers success with careful precision and accuracy at the forefront. To ensure their elaborate concepts are achieved and the patterns are drawn out to perfection fit models are used. The initial sample is draped on a real life person to visually see how the garment fits and what alterations are required. Agencies are responsible for signing individuals who are suitable for the unique part of the industry.

A fashion designer or clothing manufacturer will provide exact dimensions needed to the agency who will proceed to locate a model who meets the demands. The general focus is on height, bust-waist-hip circumference, both arm and leg length and shoulder width. The process of grading various size designs requires models with differing measurements to test the accuracy of the pattern construction. Both genders are needed in the fitting model world as manufacturers are under pressure to produce garments that fit effortlessly. This process is integral to the success of a fashion designer. Therefore, agencies who specialise in this sector are required to fulfil the specifications to form strong links with clients affecting the longevity of their establishment also.

Fit modelling agencies implement strict guidelines to ensure high standards and the model database is utilised regularly. However, the spectrum covers a wide area to cater for all divisions of modelling. Agencies typically expect a figure that is in proportion, a height between 5ft-6ft and wear clothing between 4-28 for women. Men also need to have a proportionate body image, measure from 5ft10-6ft4 and can wear sizes extra small to extra large. It is very important to maintain your figure to remain signed at the agency and securing work. A healthy diet and regular exercise routine will enhance your physique and keep to your initial weight. The age range also covers a wide area with models aged 18-60 succeeding in the industry. The lack of age discrimination allows for designers to produce clothing for their target audience easily.

Agencies seek individuals who possess a positive, flexible attitude to work. Whilst designers are figuring out if their garment fits you will be required to stand with a straight posture for a long duration. The team may need to make adjustments whilst you are wearing the garment and may even ask for your personal opinion. Fit models are frequently asked to comment on how the garment feels against the skin and how easily can you move. An established agency will provide advice on how to answer difficult questions with ease and confidence. It is essential to supply knowledgable input that will aid the designer through their manufacturing process. Aim to be truthful and honest rather than aiming to please.

When researching agencies that you wish to pursue discover how to apply to the particular organisation. Many will require a full body shot, which showcases your body proportions accurately along with your exact measurements. Prior to meeting the agent, they will have acquired your dimensions to evaluate whether you are suitable to become a fit model. If you are successful the agency will keep a record of your measurements to hopefully find an exact match. This is why it is important to stick to your dimensions given on your application. Ensure you are truthful when supplying the information as you will be measured on arrival.

It is essential to possess confidence as a fitting model as you will required to stand only wearing your underwear. Whilst a garment is being fitted designers and manufacturers will be close and personal depending on the item in question. Within this profession fitting models are encouraged to become comfortable in this situation as the focus is on how the garment fits rather than your nudity.

Fit modelling is an interesting niche of the modelling world providing an insight into how garments are manufactured. If you have an interest for the construction side of the industry then combine your passion with your perfect body proportions to enjoy a fulfilling career. Ooze confidence, ambition and flexibility to succeed in your profession and make valuable connections with your agency and employers.