The Angels have Landed!!!

The eagerly awaited Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has landed in London last night with an excited pack of angels ready to take the stage. The anticipation has been immense with the likes of Karlie Kloss and Jourdan Dunn posting to social media with excited regular updates. The supermodels who are exclusively chosen to walk the catwalk are honoured to take on such a duty that preparation is key to their success. Gracing the runway wearing lingerie demands a killer body that oozes confidence and seduction.

Exposing your body in front of a large audience for one of the most talked about fashion shows in the world must be terrifying. Therefore, the beauties squeeze in many workouts to ensure that their figure is expertly toned and catwalk ready. Seeking advice and support from a professional is a wise way of truly enhancing their naturally slim shape.

Jourdan Dunn admits: “I did work out this time – I did barre core which is amazing. It’s mixed with ballet and yoga and pilates and cardio and very intense. I’ve got my four year old son – that’s a hard core work out.”

The competition is fierce and if Jourdan or any other angel let’s their guard down another supermodel may take their place. Karlie Kloss in particular is very aware that her Victoria’s Secret Angel status is not guaranteed. It takes dedication and ambition to land and maintain such a high status role leading to the American beauty to fit in a workout after a 17 hour day – Yikes!!!!!

Karlie reveals: “Last night after a 17 hour day running around London with the @VictoriaSecret #Angels and attending the #BFAs, I squeezed in a midnight work out with my trainer #JustinGelband to get ready for the #VSFashionShow (Dedication……….or insanity?)”

What’s your verdict? Are you impressed with her attitude towards her prestigious role or shocked by her gruelling attitude to exercise? We must admit the end result allows for her to look amazing in her Victoria Secret’s attire!!

Possessing a toned physique will provide the much needed confidence to strut in seductive lingerie down the Earls Court catwalk. Also, practising prior to the show will also inject the much needed confidence for an Angel. The perception that high profile models automatically get an easy ride once they have ‘made it’ is far from the truth. Hard work, determination and persistence is crucial to their success.

Elsa Hosk explains: “It’s our job to walk down the runway, so we practice it a lot. You just feel the energy and walk with the music and show your personality and have fun out there.”

Alessandra believes: “It’s about personality, attitude, and confidence! You’ve just got to do your best.”

Let’s not forget Karlie and many other Angels have travelled from America to London to appear in the iconic show – and not by their Angel wings!!!! She has then proceeded to make appearances around London at the Victoria Secret’s store and the British Fashion Awards to name a few duties. Her body clock will be out of sync with London’s time zone and will be running on adrenaline at first but will need to ensure she schedules in sleep and a healthy diet. The girls need to drink plenty of water and eat a nutritious diet whilst fulfilling their adventure as all their exercise will not work in their favour if they are sleep deprived and dehydrated. It is a hard life for high profile models who jet across the globe at a moments notice.