The 2014 American Music Awards

Networking is a vital opportunity to further a model’s career, which can involve attending parties, events and exhibitions. High profile models such as Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are invited to prestigious award ceremonies, which are the perfect event to gain more exposure. The media thrive off red carpet attire, who was/wasn’t invited, which feuds have been settled and of course, which hopeful won each award. Supermodels of the moment are usually invited to star studded events and the 2014 American Music Awards were no exception. Heidi Klum, Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss and Kendall Jenner were amongst the beauties who were on the guest list!

The American Music Awards were held at the Nokia Theatre L.A Live on Sunday 23rd November in Los Angeles. Gigi attended wearing a white tailored suit with black, silver and blue panels teamed with a lace bra underneath. Both her choice of outfit, hair style and make-up were up for discussion as she posed on the red carpet. The model took to Twitter to post an image of herself being ‘glammed’ up for the ceremony as did Heidi Klum with her ‘glam squad’ surrounding her. In fact, Heidi had an important role at the event as she was presenting the Artist of the Year award later that evening and of course, needed to look her absolute best. The act of uploading to social media links their profile to the American Music Awards, which boosts their social status and attracts the envy of their followers. Spotted at such a prestigious event will raise their profile even further and hopefully spark more invites of the same calibre.

For Heidi her role of presenter is a huge honour marking her celebrity status. She has an active role to play rather than simply attending the glamorous event. Her abilities have outgrown the modelling realm becoming a successful businesswoman, fashion designer and TV producer. She may gain other presenting roles through the opportunity and be able to communicate with individuals who can aid her career further. With the likes of Gigi, Kendall and Karlie the selfies, red carpet poses and carefully styled outfits will gain media exposure, yet their presence and attitude whilst at the event will also be crucial. It is a chance to interact with experts in the creative industries and hopefully secure a new, exciting opportunity that can enhance their career. Who knows Kendall may be a beautiful singer whereas Gigi may have a gift for acting along with Karlie. Also, it is time to consider the chain that is so prominent in the modelling world. Partnerships and collaborations happen constantly therefore, an attendant at the ceremony may have an acquaintance who is a professional in the modelling industry.

It is highly important that you act with an air of professionalism at each event you attend as a model. The opportunity to further your career and meet experts in the field will arrive at fashions shows, award ceremonies and art exhibitions. By interacting with industry experts you may land a new role by simply making a great first impression. Do not drink excessively as an intoxicated young model is not attractive or professional. Therefore, drink one or two for courage but do proceed to purchase anymore alcohol. It is important to keep your wits and dignity in tact at work events as by handing over your Z-Card you could secure a new contract.