Possessing the ability to pose at fashion shows and shoots is extremely important. An employer will expect a hired model to be able to form positions confidently and effortlessly to secure the winning shot. Professional models will endeavour to be prepared for any brief and situation that arises with a catalogue of poses.

It is essential to have a great awareness of how your body moves and forms shapes that are flattering from various angles. Practice in front of a mirror to visually witness how your figure looks in certain positions. Analyse which work and those that don’t as awkward movements can create rippling on the slimmest of figures. Once you have a set of poses that you feel comfortable with ask a friends opinion. Preferably an individual with model experience will be highly beneficial to provide worthwhile pointers. Remember to ask for honest opinions to see how you can improve. This is a useful exercise for experienced models too as you do not want to become comfortable with your work and always want to remain ahead of rivals with new ideas. However, do not create over ambitious poses as designers usually prefer a natural and sleek look to showcase their designs.

Gaining confidence in your appearance and poses is essential in succeeding as a model. A toned figure complimented by a nutritious diet will add to your self esteem when having to perform in front of a team of people. Implement an exercise routine into your schedule to maintain a healthy figure that you are proud to present. Those that have little inhibitions and a confident attitude to posing are highly favoured over shy, retiring types who fail to deliver strong poses on the day. Being natural in front of a camera is a huge bonus, which will come with experience. Slipping into one great pose to another seamlessly will also develop with time, dedication and practice. Always keep a great posture when posing to appear self assured and in control of your body.

Working at fashion shows demands models to pose in front of a large audience. On my occasions you will be provided with a routine existing of how the poses should be executed and at a scheduled point in the show. It is essential that you adhere to the set performance, which has been carefully choreographed. Ensure you are fully aware of their expectations prior to the start of the show and have the poses rehearsed perfectly. You may have to pose simultaneously with another model so ensure you have practiced with the individual previously. Another scenario may arise where a designer simple prefers for you to pose at a certain point within the show without providing exact stipulations. In this case, have a selection of strong poses to perform to impress your employer and of course the audience. Again you will require confidence in your capabilities to avoid appearing nervous and unsure of your movements. Remember at a fashion event you are on show for a long duration. Therefore you need to adopt a professional stance and perfect posture.

As an established or emerging model it is vital that you are able to take direction well. A photographer, designer or organiser will have a specific look in mind and will have a selection of poses that they will describe to you. It is essential that you are able to deliver those that are proposed and adopt the position effortlessly. The team may suggest slight movements to ensure the angle is perfect for the particular shot. You may have to present this static for a long length of time whilst the photographer is ensuring they have capture the perfect image. This exercise takes stamina as posing in the same position for a long time may become difficult. Ask if you need to have a quick break from a certain position but ensure you can replicate the pose after.

Posing ability is very significant in the modelling industry as employers expect individuals to possess confidence in their capabilities. Practice, experience and body awareness is essential in perfecting your posing technique and delivering a flawless performance, which will develop your career further. Securing winning shots is vital in an industry that thrives off striking photography.