Modelling when in Compulsory Education

Child and teen models are still in compulsory full time education whilst pursuing their ambitions. It is important that both the parents and child are aware of the commitment required and the effects on their education both negative and positive before embracing the career. Balancing both duties can be challenging yet rewarding and there are rules that need to be adhered to.

The modelling industry is aware of the importance of education and the school routine. Many designers and photographers try to schedule their shoot and fashion show around the schooling hours. However, in many cases this is impossible to achieve and dates and times will be non negotiable. Therefore, it is together a parents and child’s decision whether to attend the shoot. If you decide to go ahead there are certain requirements needed to make this possible. Firstly, apply to your local council for them to issue a licence. Ensure that you leave enough time prior to the date the shoot takes place as the industry are strict with providing the correct paperwork and will not move the scheduled time. Also, if you turn up without one you will be wasting everyone’s time. Alongside the completed form you will require a doctors note to prove your child’s good health with a letter from the school granting permission to miss class. Your agency may take care of obtaining a licence however, it is your responsibility to check.

A successful child model can have a hectic and busy lifestyle with modelling and education commitments. This can lead to a disruption within their school routine it is therefore vital for parents to project a positive attitude and provide stability to ensure that your child is happy and enjoying their sometimes hectic schedule. It may be wise to discover what work your child has missed and whether it is significant to their development. If the assignment is imperative then find out the details and requirements and make sure that your daughter or son finishes the work. This will benefit their education progression and ensure that they do not fall behind or fail an exam.

Working as a model provides a different source of education. Each experience builds confidence and new skills that cannot be taught in a school environment. Punctuality and professionalism are two key qualities that will enhance your child’s development from a young age. Regularly meeting new people and taking direction are also beneficial for adolescents to learn. In addition, the impressionable model will develop how to be reliable and delivering their work to a tight deadline, which is a life experience that will be constantly used as they grow. It will become apparent that failure to turn up on time or failure to perform will be detrimental to their career; a valuable lesson to appreciate.

It is wise to note that if you have a heavy workload for a particular week it is understandable if you do not accept a certain job. Do not take on too much work that will put too much pressure on your child and yourself as it will have a negative affect of their performance. Not leaving enough time to attend the job or double booking can lead to disappointment and earning a bad reputation. Steadily progressing will enhance their career and allow for perfection in all aspects of the work they deliver rather than hinder it. If your child has a significantly important day at school it may be wise to allow for your child to fulfil their educational needs before their modelling commitments in this instance. However, do not turn down too many opportunities as you do not want the offers to dramatically slow down as a result.

If the opportunity presents itself it is worthwhile considering home schooling. If you have the resources, funds or capabilities available you may want to consider this option. Of course, you will have to do research into the correct avenues you wish to undertake first to ensure it is official and meets the school curriculum. For some families this may provide the flexibility you need to pursue your child’s dream.

Full time education is compulsory for children and has to be factored into their modelling career. Research into the correct paths to take that accommodate both the school routine and the demands of the modelling industry to allow your child to fulfil their ultimate goal. Provide encouragement and stability to ensure your child is happy and confident throughout each stage.