How to create online model portfolio

Portfolio hosting websites are a resource for models to create a personal profile to hopefully gain more work. After becoming an official member to the site you are able to establish yourself as a professional model. Casting directors are able to search the site and view various model profiles to evaluate candidates to decide if the individual has the potential to be hired for a shoot or show. The resource is a great tool for gaining exposure within the right circles.

Each model is given a profile where they are able to share numerous images of their modelling experience alongside their personal stats. Choosing high quality images that demonstrate your abilities is vital to success within the website. Depending on the site you wish to use you will be restricted to a certain number of photographs. Try to deliver a variation of images within your niche to immediately show your versatility and experience within the industry. Use your shots that you captured for your personal portfolio as amateur images will not be received well. Remember if an employer is impressed by your images you will be contacted via the site to remain safe and secure. No personal details will be divulged unless you state otherwise.

Your stats will be stated clearly within your profile including your age, weight, height, hair colour, eye colour, bust, waist, hips, dress size and shoe size. Ensure you are honest and exact when stipulating your measurements as industry professionals will not be pleased if you turn up at the event with different dimensions. Other information such as how long you have been a member on the hosting website and your location is included.

Models are categorised into different genders to allow for searches to be carried out efficiently. To refine their search casting agents can select an age, country and first name to reveal models who match their stipulations. In addition to models, photographers, hair, make up and fashion stylists, and agencies can create a portfolio of their work on the site. It is a fantastic way to promote their skills within the industry. Again each creative will include images of their work to promote their experience to date choosing the most professional in their eyes. A small written copy about themselves is advised to provide information such as their specialism and location alongside their website address. The later is very significant as professionals can view their work in more detail via their personal site. Your blurb and chosen images are a way of advertising yourself with the hopes of securing new work.

It is wise to keep your profile relevant and up to date. Therefore each time you land a new role it is essential to add the work to the portfolio hosting website. Be selective with your new work and add the best quality and diversity. This may mean removing some images to replace with new ones that are with a more well known client as you progress. Try to imagine yourself in an employers position when looking at your portfolio. It may be worthwhile seeking advice from friends or relatives who can provide an objective viewpoint. Take their advice on board yet if you disagree it is ultimately your decision.

Portfolio hosting websites are also useful for having a directory to inform about agencies and companies within the industry. Together with their address, contact details, biography and list of employees creatives can research into the establishment. The directory includes photo reps, casting agencies and production companies plus much more. Some portfolio hosting websites also may share relevant news to keep the resource fresh and up to date as the modelling industry is constantly evolving. Emerging models, fashion weeks and interviews with creatives are on the agenda for many.

It is very beneficial to your career to create a portfolio on a hosting website of your choice. Models, photographers and stylists can establish a profile that showcases their work and highlights their capabilities in an easy and efficient way. Spending time on your profile will enhance your career as industry experts will be impressed by your experience.