Gigi Hadid’s Guide to Social Media

Gigi Hadid has risen to international success with the likes of Maybelline, Victoria’s Secret Pink and Tom Ford hiring the 19 year old whose mother stars in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The young rising star thanks the Internet and Instagram for her success. Vogue describes Gigi as the ‘instagirl’ due to her 2.9 million followers and regular uploads. Since the age of 14, Miss Hadid has connected with the social media platform, initially uploading images for personal use rather than career gain. However, already establishing a platform from a young age has enabled her to become familiar with Instagram and grow a following immediately.

Gigi explains: “I think it’s always come natural to me to just be genuine on social media and to put things into words that people can relate to, rather than putting things in a way that makes them feel that they can’t be a part of it.”

After appearing in the reality TV show with her mother and featuring a couple of times in the Guess campaign, Gigi used her Twitter platform to host a Q&A session. Allowing for her fans to have a direct interaction with the new model will enable for her followers to identify with her and eradicating the boundaries between models and fans. This technique is another way of being genuine and allowing for followers to become a part of the experience rather than feeling detached and removed. Presenting herself as a down to earth, personable individual has proved to gain a massive following from those who adore her; a very clever strategy.

As her status has grown landing roles with Jean Paul Gaultier, Marc Jacobs and Chanel her Instagram account has followed the journey and reflected her success. Her uploads feature backstage shots from high profile catwalk shows and fashion shoots, her model friends such as Kendall Jenner, her reality star family and boyfriend Cody Simpson. Gigi allows for dedicated followers to witness her journey through life in a personal and intimate way. Those interested in her career and private life will be fascinated by her having her hair and make up styled for the latest runway show or who her high profile friends are. It is the perfect method for the supermodel to raise her profile and secure modelling jobs.

It is a well known fact that brands and designers sometimes choose their models based on how many followers their social media accounts have. The model will happily upload their latest campaign image or runway appearance on their Instagram account, which gains a wider reach for the label increasing their profile and sales. Therefore, for aspiring models it is worthwhile taking inspiration from Gigi’s social media platforms to witness how she presents herself to her audience. She is obviously doing something right with a 2.9 million following and counting!!! Creating a strong social presence allows for her to relate to her audience and expand her reach dramatically. It is worthwhile analysing your own social media account to evaluate how your account is perceived by your audience and brands and how you could increase your followers. If you do not have a Facebook page, Twitter profile or Instagram account it may be worthwhile to create one to boost your career.