Everything You Need to Know About Body Parts Modelling

High-fashion and commercial aren’t the only categories of modelling available. Body parts modelling is a popular sub-category that many people don’t realise is an option for them.

Read on to discover what body part modelling is and how you can get into it.

What is Body Part Modelling?

Body part modelling is a sub-category of modelling where one section of the body or face is focused on.

Brands and films regularly need to focus on one close-up part of the body for advertising. Shoe brands will need feet models, lipstick brands will need lip models and SPF brands may need leg models.

You don’t need to meet the strict standards of high-fashion modelling or even commercial modelling for body part modelling, which is why it is an excellent choice for many aspiring models. You only need to have one above-average body part to be considered.

Pros to Body Part Modelling

Body part modelling is a great option for anyone who doesn’t meet the strict standards set out by high-fashion modelling agencies. You don’t have to be a specific height and you don’t need specific measurements if you are a foot model, because the only part of you that will be photographed is – you guessed it – your feet! It means you still get to model while enjoying the perks models enjoy (such as travel), but you also get a bit more freedom and can relax your diet and exercise regime.

Body part models seldom reach high levels of fame and are therefore able to live quiet lives without the obtrusion from press.

Successful body part models can make good money and often receive freebies from photoshoots.

Cons to Body Part Modelling

Body part modelling may provide opportunities for people who don’t necessarily fit the stereotypical look of a model, but they will still have to make sacrifices. Body part models must look after their body part and this can often mean missing out on social engagements or spending a lot of money on skin treatments, gym memberships, and on salon visits.

Shoe models are unable to spend their social hours wearing heels as they can lead to calluses and unsightly marks on the feet. Leg models must keep their leg hair waxed and must work out to keep muscles toned. Hand models must do everything in their power to protect their hands from getting cuts or bruises. A mark on a body part can put a body part model out of action for a week, losing them work and money.

A body part model must also think twice about getting tattoos or piercings on their body part. Any sort of mark will undoubtedly lose them work and lessen their opportunities.

In the same vein, plastic surgery and other none-evasive procedures must be thought about in advance – a lip model can’t get lip fillers without thinking how it could impact their work.

If you have freckles, moles or birth marks, this will count against you as brands prefer unblemished skin.

It is difficult to find work as a full-time body part model. Most body part models work their modelling part-time around other jobs.

How to Get Into Body Part Modelling

To get into body part modelling, you should look for and research modelling agencies that work predominantly with body part models. While it is possible to model without an agency, it is far easier to find work with one.

You can find agencies online and apply via their websites.

As well as applying to agencies, you should also create a social media presence, particularly on Instagram. Building a social media following will help catch the attention of brands and agencies, and you may find work through this.

You should also search for opportunities online as some brands like to advertise modelling jobs.