Children on the Catwalk at China Fashion Week

Children graced the catwalk at China Fashion Week with style and confidence for ILOVECHOC Wei Chao Collection and the M.latin range. Is this the first time that children appear alone at a fashion week since the 2013 London Fashion Week, which was solely for kids? Yes, we’ve seen infants at Dolce & Gabbana walk the runway with their mothers yet these little ones competed with top models as they stormed down the catwalk looking stylish and self assured. In awe of their professionalism, many gazed on with amazement of how these children posed with such grace and control. Fashion followers have become accustomed to witnessing children who excitedly run down the catwalk to showcase the kidswear designs. Yet in this instance it appears that the children are taking centre stage, which could open a new niche for child modelling.

Previously, infants are hired to appear in fashion campaigns and product shots for high street brands and designers. The niche caters for babies, toddlers, children under 12 and teenagers yet it is extremely rare to see a whole showcase dedicated to the sector. With their outstanding performance it is more than likely that presentations to this level will continue expanding the reach for childrenswear considerably. Top designers who wish to promote their kidswear designs will feel confident that organising a catwalk show will run smoothly with models of this calibre available. The concept may reach London, Paris or New York where a dedicated fashion week to children will launch on a regular occurrence; the possibilities are endless.

If you wish for your child to enter the high fashion industry now is the time to consider your options and lead your infant in the right direction. As you can see from the images the children act very professionally and know exactly what they are supposed to be doing. From their strut, to their pose and facial expression, the infants are spectacular!! There are no tantrums or disobedience, which ensures the show runs to schedule, is flawless and hits headlines. The brand, which is adored by celebrities will gain great exposure due to the young models who act maturely and years beyond their age. Therefore, it is time to assess your child’s behaviour and ability to perform in such a way. High fashion will not tolerate naughtiness and will have high expectations and standards. If your child does not adhere or listen to instructions they will earn a bad reputation and not be hired again, which may affect their career as a catwalk model.

Prepare your child by disciplining them accordingly so they understand where they stand. Often naughty behaviour can be result of blurred boundaries and confusion of what is right or wrong. Talk them through the process so there are no surprises, which could lead to your son or daughter being unsettled. Make them aware of what is expected of them and comforted by the fact that you will be with them at all times. A settled child will ooze confidence, which is needed as they will be meeting new people regularly and walking out to a large audience; a daunting experience for anyone never mind a small child. Your offspring will need to have an easy going, self assured character to deal with an intimidating experience. If your child is shy, timid and very nervous this career path is probably not suited to them.