Cara Delevingne Lands Contributing Editor Role at LOVE Magazine

2015 has already begun on a high for Cara Delevingne!! To add to her plethora of skills, which boast modelling, acting, singing and designing, the supermodel now has secured an exciting role as contributing editor at LOVE Magazine. The 22 year old can also claim to be a fashion journalist when filling in her profession title. Her first assignment was to guest edit the Spring Summer 2015 issue with Kim Kardashian owning the magazine cover.

Cara spoke out about her new found title: “It’s such an honour to be asked by Katie Grand to guest edit an issue of LOVE magazine. Normally I’m the one being asked the questions, but I loved the experience of being on the other side – asking the questions and having directive control.”

As Cara suggests the role reversal was a new, interesting experience for the young model. Her role at LOVE magazine allows for her to have complete control of interviewing the subject rather than being the interviewee – which she is more accustomed to. It will be a challenging yet exciting role to accept and will enable for her to build a new perspective from the editor viewpoint. Cara will have an insight and understanding of why particular questions are asked that may at times feel intrusive and personal. Her experience as a model and interviewee will help her in the new role to act professionally and empathise with feelings. Also, being such a high profile figure within the fashion industry will have allowed for her to gain contacts, a great understanding and catalogue of knowledge within the field. Her experiences will benefit her new role greatly and certainly enable for her to shine.

Editor-in-Chief of LOVE magazine, Katie Grand explains: “I couldn’t be happier working with Cara, having her alongside me behind the camera for a change. Of course, I’ve worked with her may times as a model – ever since we shot her for LOVE in 2009 with Dan Jackson after we were introduced by her godfather, Nicholas Coleridge – so I’ve always known that she’s an exceptionally bright, sharp and hilarious woman. That’s why I was so keen to let her have this chance to exercise her skills as a journalist and writer. And she has proven herself a fearless interviewer, never afraid to ask all the questions we want to know the answers to.”

It is intriguing to realise that even Cara has cleverly used contacts, personality and talent to help her achieve her aims. From working together in the past, Katie could easily identify that Cara possesses the correct attributes to succeed as writer. A passion for the industry, a unique, playful personality and an intelligent nature is perfect for the role. It is important for a model to explore other avenues as modelling typically has a short lifespan and may not always be a full time role. Therefore, like Cara, draw upon your other skills and passions to secure a successful, long career that is diverse, interesting and fulfilling. Do you have a passion for writing, singing or dancing as pursing these skills will enhance your confidence, modelling talent and pay-packet. Impressing a professional whilst modelling may lead to new opportunities. Katie Grand was certainly blown away by Cara, which has secured a contact for her flourishing writing career.

Are you excited to see Cara Delevingne’s writing talent when the magazine hits the shelves on February 9th?