American Vogue Explores Plus Size Modelling

“Give me a D! Give me an F! Because Gorgeous Bras Come in All Shapes and Sizes.” is the headline for American Vogue’s latest lingerie shoot. First Victoria’s Secret was slammed for “The Perfect ‘Body’” campaign and then Calvin Klein was questioned for Myla Dalbesio’s involvement in their recent shoot – we can’t help but wonder if American Vogue have embraced an opportunity to share their views on plus-size modelling.

The shoot celebrates diversity with a variety of shapes and sizes modelling underwear. In fact, the editorial shot by Cass Bird includes Candice Huffine, Ashley Graham, Marquita Pring, Tara Lynn and Inga Eiriksdottir to be precise. The photography appears to be raw and natural with minimal make up, fun poses and untamed hair. The real woman approach seems to project from each image allowing for women to relate to the models; a genuine interpretation of society rather than an unattainable image.

Underwear does cater for a range of sizes including larger chests, smaller breasts, flat derrieres and curvy bottoms therefore, the need to show the diversity through modelling is paramount. Capturing only one size does not showcase the range of lingerie on offer to women yet portrays an idealistic vision through Photoshop and shooting one figure of the slim variety. It has become a dangerous road to travel along with many shouting to be heard that beauty and shape is not one set mould for all women to strive to become. It is much healthier to be proud, confident, heathy and fit!

American Vogue is promoting lingerie that is available for slim, curvaceous and fuller figures, which is a considerably positive step into the right direction. Many will seek comfort in the shoot as most women compare their own figure with those that appear in magazines and the press. The captured images in question is hopefully a sign of how the industry is changing and the need for plus-size models is much greater. Many designers, brands and magazines are using fuller figures every so often yet will the use become a regular occurrence? Is this a one time campaign from American Vogue or will a variety of sizes be used regularly within the magazine?

The use of plus-size models is expanding due to the pressure from society and the need for a true representation. The realisation from industry professionals is encouraging for established and emerging plus-size models as the promise of work is reassuring. However, the moment that curvaceous silhouettes are incorporated regularly to front a campaign that does not grasp media attention for her size yet for the model/fashion element will become an influential realisation in the history of modelling. The headline will simply state the designer and intention of the campaign rather than focusing on the size of the ladies involved. In this case, American Vogue are advertising the sizing of bras, which is highly important for each bust to be supported by a comfortable, flattering and aesthetically pleasing piece of underwear – so the title is necessary. Yet for many other campaign headlines that have hit the news recently are causing attention for the wrong reason.

What are your views on the inclusion of plus-size models?

Do you think that the use of various shapes and sizes will continue to grow?